Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated and energetic full time Mechanical Engineer with demonstrated experience in micro mechanics. This position will be responsible for designing and maintaining Medical Device Sensors, and work with suppliers implementing the products.

Main Responsibilities:
Responsibility for mechanical engineering related to the development and integration of materials and mechanical engineering with small size wires and winding, in addition to adhesive appliances to support the product strength

Use extensive knowledge of micro mechanics to drive manufacturing considerations

Rigorous analyses on designs using appropriate methods such as FEA and dimensional tolerance analysis
Consider automated production requirements as part of the design
Drive component and integration testing to verify that prototypes and production components/constructs meet design intent
Assess requirements and set the mechanical requirements / processes to meet product specification

Provide the data for a full production file (3D files, drawings of mechanical parts, assembly drawings and instructions, BOM)

Analyze Assembly process and work with Subcontractors to improve yields through material / Processes
Ongoing engineering support with production lines, suppliers, subcontractors – receiving information about engineering faults in products, handling faults until a workable solution is provided
Producing and implementing designs and test procedures
Perform the actual testing, evaluating, measuring, modifying and re-testing of the design
Generate test reports and documentation


  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or relevant discipline
  • At least 3 years’ experience in the following:
    Experience with small size wires winding technology and adhesives (10-12 micron wires / 42- 52 AWG)
    Experience with transfer to production in a multidisciplinary environment, including using DFx methods
    Experience in validation and design validation protocols
    Experience with defining and implementing test tools at the manufacturing floor
  • Proficiency working with CAD tools
  • Technical and analytical abilities
  • Experience with micro mechanics – an advantage

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