HandyMann is working in an environment of advanced projects which require fast development processes together with quick and effective transition to production.
Our team can join to customer at any early stage from concept or from assembling the first prototypes and then performing the transition from development to serial production with all its operational aspects.

HandyMann leverage it qualified experienced team members, to serve companies which require outsourcing support. The outsourcing need rises in many cases as a result of non-available human resources at an adequate level or at specific time frame and in startups cases due to lack of budgets and the need to lower the risks of firing & recruiting.

Full Engineering services in transition from development to production (NPI)

- Product tree, drawings, specs, work instruction, DMR
- Engineering- components, mechanics, electronics, system
- QA, QC
- Design and build testers and jigs
- Engineering change orders management
- Validation

Converting idea from concept to a working engineering prototype

- System engineering and project management
- System, modules and component specs
- Design and build engineering prototypes
- Design for standards and regulations

Operational and production services

- Manufacturer selection and lines buildup
- Product files
- Audits
- Production files
- Engineering changes orders
- Procurement and subcontractor’s management
- Service management

The target customers who will be interested in the services of the HandyMan


For mature companies who focusing their team in core technology, we offer system engineers and experienced operation men who can lead, plan and implement product, under general guidance and minimal interference to customer.


For startup who are facing difficulties to recruit experienced team members at early stages, we offer experienced managers, professional system engineers, with abilities to develop engineering prototype for proving feasibility, demonstration and experiments.

General operation services

We offer general operation services including transfer from development to serial production (NPI). These activities include defining components to ensure their availability and target price, cost analysis for serial production, Choosing and approving suppliers, configuration control, QA management and supporting production. Define, design and build electrical and mechanical testers which are critical for the product quality, shortening production time and reducing cost, and are part of Handymann’s services.